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Inventia Life Science partners with Xylyx Bio to develop tissue-specific, digitally-printed bioinks for drug discovery

1st September, 2021

Sydney, Australia

Inventia Life Science, a Sydney-based biotechnology company, and Xylyx Bio, a New York-based leader in advanced biomaterials, today announced their strategic partnership following promising results developing more realistic, scalable, and reproducible 3D cell cultures for drug discovery and biomedical research.

As researchers seek to develop more physiologically relevant in vitro models, 3D bioprinting provides promising tools to quickly and more precisely culture cells to develop more effective drugs.

Inventia Life Science differentiates from other bioprinting solutions with their RASTRUM™ 3D cell culture platform, which empowers biologists with easy access to reproducible and tunable tissue models at scale. By incorporating liver-specific extracellular matrix (ECM) components developed by Xylyx Bio, the partners are developing robust 3D bioprinted liver tissue models. Inventia will complete product development and offer these solutions for research and drug discovery applications, with plans to expand offerings to other tissue types.

Dr. John O’Neill, Xylyx Bio Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer, stated: “Xylyx is collaborating with groundbreaking companies like Inventia to lead the industry transition to physiologically relevant disease modeling and compound testing ‘in matrico’.”

The partnership between Inventia Life Science and Xylyx Bio will initially develop robust 3D bioprinted liver tissue models with plans to expand offerings to other tissue types.

Dr. Julio Ribeiro, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Inventia Life Science, is very enthusiastic about this partnership. He stated, “At Inventia Life Science we strive to provide an automated 3D cell culture solution to accelerate drug discovery and biomedical research. This partnership with Xylyx is a significant step in the right direction in further expanding our matrix portfolio to enable the generation of complex tissue models in a reproducible and tissue specific manner.”

To learn more, please contact:
Inventia Life Science
Dr. Duyen Nguyen

Xylyx Bio, Inc.
Tanya Yankelevich

About Inventia Life Science

Inventia Life Science is a fast-growing biotech start-up based in Sydney, Australia, that is revolutionizing biomedical research, drug discovery and regenerative medicine. The award-winning RASTRUM™ 3D cell culture platform has already been adopted in leading medical research institutes and biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies worldwide, which are creating bioprinted tissue models that mimic real human biology.

About Xylyx Bio

Xylyx Bio is a pioneer in advanced biomaterials, serving customers across research, clinical and commercial applications. The Company’s products provide the full suite of components from the natural cell microenvironment essential for the most accurate and actionable results for scientists working in pharmaceutical development, cell biology research, and regenerative medicine.

Inventia Life Science is a fast-growing biotechnology startup company based in Sydney, Australia, that is accelerating biomedical research and drug discovery